Would you like to walk the “way of St. James" / “Camino de Santiago”, but you always find reasons and excuses not to do so?

Or do you know that you would really need some time away, but you don’t want to do something unknown and new?

Or do you like hiking vacations but you don’t like organising them?

I would love to plan your individual pilgrim vacation for you!

Hello! I am Nicoletta and I would love to plan your journey for you!


Hey! Welcome to my website!

My name is Nicoletta, I am originally from Germany, but live in Portugal now. I felt in love with pilgrimages on the “Camino de Santiago”, known as the “Way of St. James” and walked more than 2000km on the Caminos de Santiago.

I have been offering individual travel advice since 2019 and use my own experiences to plan pilgrimages for others who love to hike but don’t like the aspect of organising it, and those who want to go on a pilgrimage somewhere for the first time. Since 2022 I live in Porto – right next to one of my favorite caminos and only a 2,5 hour drive from Santiago de Compostela.

Your personal pilgrimage holiday

  • The stage lengths are individually tailored to your needs.

  • Travel dates and duration are completely flexible; a week is just as possible as a month.

  • Choose between budget and more luxurious hotels.

  • Use luggage transfer if you prefer
  • You will receive a personalized travel guide from me to always know what to expect.

  • I have walked all the routes myself and only plan what I know and trust

  • If possible, I am also available for you on site and help where I can

I will prepare your very personal pilgrim guide.

More than that – I arrange your entire pilgrimage so that you only need to get up and going!

Based on your information and my experience, I will consider what the best pilgrimage holiday for you might be.

Then you will receive an individual digital travel guide from me, which you will always have with you on your smartphone.

I will find the cheapest flight for you; write down which metro line will take you to the city centre and where you can buy the ticket. I will also select the best matching hotels for you, which I have often tested personally, plan your daily stages so that they match your fitness level and thus put together the best possible pilgrimage holiday for you based on my experience – and you decide how much of this service you want to use.

And if you don’t need room service, and simple but clean and central hotels are enough for you, then this is usually possible for less than 35€ per night in a single room or 30€ per night in a double room!

But if you like to go to the spa after a hiking day, I will find suitable accommodation for you too.

When you finally get going and you are on site, I will be by your side via smartphone, so that you have a contact person who has already walked every kilometre of your route.

My advice is completely independent; I have no contracts with organizers or hotels and do not depend on commissions or hidden costs.

The Portuguese Camino de Santiago / “Caminho Portugues”

The Camino Portugues begins in Lisbon and leads you to Santiago de Compostela after 600km. If you still don’t have enough you can add another 90km hike to get to Finisterre.

The most popular hike to do, lies between Porto and Santiago because it’s suitable for beginners and to hike within 2 weeks’ time.

There are two varieties to hike, either the central route or the coastal route. Against most pilgrimage guides, the coastal route on the Spanish side also goes along the ocean and meets the central way in Redondela.

Although it is not included in the name – the last 200km (depending on the route you choose) run through Spain, so the path is not just Portuguese.

Even though the Caminho portugues is the second most popular pilgrimage route after the Camino Frances, it is not as overcrowded and therefore suitable for some alone time to find yourself – or to just have a wonderful hiking vacation.

The french way of Saint James / "Camino Frances"

The “Camino Frances" is the most popular way of St. James.

It is called “French Way of St. James", but arrives after 1-2 days already in Spain.

With almost 800km, it is longer than the Portuguese Way of St. James and it is quite varied.

But here too: you do not have to go the whole way. Of course, a complete Way of St. James is always the optimum, but there are now times not everyone the opportunity to make six weeks of vacation.

And before it fails completely, you can also go on pilgrimage for two or three weeks or divide it into several annual vacations.

What equipment do I need? How fit do I have to be to go on pilgrimage? Can I make a pilgrimage alone? How does it all work anyway?

I will happily answer your questions on scheduling your holiday and my travel advice in the FAQ.

Find out about everything worth knowing about pilgrimage, what equipment to bring, suitability for overweight people or seniors, the best season to go and much more, in my blog.