Hello! I am Nicoletta and I would love to plan your journey for you!

Nicoletta, Camino Consultant

I'm Nicoletta, originally from Germany but now happily settled in Portugal. My passion for pilgrimages ignited on the Camino de Santiago, where I've walked over 3000km.

Since 2019, I've been sharing my love for the Camino by offering personalized travel advice. I use my own journey experiences to plan pilgrimages for fellow hiking enthusiasts who want to explore the Camino but prefer to leave the planning to someone else, as well as for those embarking on their first pilgrimage.

Since 2022, I've been calling Porto home, nestled right next to one of my favorite Camino routes and just a short 2.5-hour drive from Santiago de Compostela. It's a dream come true living so close to such an inspiring pilgrimage route!

Are you drawn to walking the Camino de Santiago but keep finding excuses not to? Perhaps you recognize that a break would be truly beneficial for you, yet the uncertainty of it all feels overwhelming. Or maybe you love hiking excursions but aren't fond of the logistics involved in organizing them.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, I'm here to help. I can offer advice, plan your journey, and even accompany you along the Camino de Santiago. Let's turn your aspirations into reality!

Your personal pilgrimage holiday

  • The stage lengths are individually tailored to your needs.

  • Travel dates and duration are completely flexible; a week is just as possible as a month.

  • Choose between budget and more luxurious hotels.

  • Use luggage transfer if you prefer
  • You will receive a personalized travel guide from me to always know what to expect.

  • I have walked all the routes myself and only plan what I know and trust

  • If possible, I am also available for you on site and help where I can. I am not only good in organizing, I am also educated in psychological consulting

Camino Consultation

Planning a Camino de Santiago trip can be a whirlwind of uncertainty and research, leaving you feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I'm intimately familiar with the Camino Frances and all the variants of the Camino Portugues. I can guide you through the maze of choices: Which route suits you best? What's the ideal stage length, where's the best place to rest, and which accommodations are top-notch? From packing essentials to what you can afford to leave behind, I've got you covered. Wondering about luggage transport, or whether to book ahead or play it by ear? I've got answers. And if time's tight, I'll help you figure out which sections to prioritize.

After our chat, I'll craft a personalized pilgrim's guide just for you. Inside, you'll find detailed route descriptions, illustrated maps, and practical info—like where to refill your water bottle or make a quick pit stop. Plus, I'll clue you in on any buses or trains that could shave some time off your journey if needed.

Starting from Porto? I can meet you at the airport and walk the first stage with you!

And here's the best part, my advice comes with no strings attached. No ties to tour operators or hotels, no hidden agendas.

Once you hit the road, I'll be just a call away, ready to lend a hand whenever you need it—whether you're tweaking your plans on the fly or facing a sudden challenge, I've got your back every step of the way on your Camino journey!

Camino Companionship

I can walk the Camino de Santiago with you.

 Whether it's for emotional reasons such as an anxiety disorder or because you have issues with your body – if you would like to have someone with you, who is close at hand around the clock, then you can book my Camino companion.

The Portuguese Camino de Santiago / “Caminho Portugues”

The Camino Portugues begins in Lisbon and leads you to Santiago de Compostela after 600km. If you still don’t have enough you can add another 90km hike to get to Finisterre.

The most popular hike to do, lies between Porto and Santiago because it’s suitable for beginners and to hike within 2 weeks’ time.

There are two varieties to hike, either the central route or the coastal route. Against most pilgrimage guides, the coastal route on the Spanish side also goes along the ocean and meets the central way in Redondela.

Although it is not included in the name – the last 200km (depending on the route you choose) run through Spain, so the path is not just Portuguese.

Even though the Caminho portugues is the second most popular pilgrimage route after the Camino Frances, it is not as overcrowded and therefore suitable for some alone time to find yourself – or to just have a wonderful hiking vacation.

The french way of Saint James / "Camino Frances"

The “Camino Frances" is the most popular way of St. James.

It is called “French Way of St. James", but arrives after 1-2 days already in Spain.

With almost 800km, it is longer than the Portuguese Way of St. James and it is quite varied.

But here too: you do not have to go the whole way. Of course, a complete Way of St. James is always the optimum, but there are now times not everyone the opportunity to make six weeks of vacation.

And before it fails completely, you can also go on pilgrimage for two or three weeks or divide it into several annual vacations.

Good to know

I will happily answer your questions on scheduling your holiday and my travel advice in the FAQ.

Find out about everything worth knowing about pilgrimage, what equipment to bring, suitability for overweight people or seniors, the best season to go and much more, in my blog.

Customer Reviews

One of the best parts of my job is hearing from “my” pilgrims afterwards how much the Camino has changed their lives and how they grew along the way.

For the first time in my life, I was traveling alone, and I wouldn’t have dared to embark on this adventure without Nicoletta. From the very beginning, she was always there for me, assisting with preparations, optimizing my packing list, and crafting a travel plan tailored to my wishes and capabilities. Knowing she was always by my side gave me a great sense of security.

Meeting many wonderful people along the way, I also gained deeper insights into myself. The experience of traveling alone was fantastic! Thank you once again, Nicoletta!

Steffi, 55, Germany. Camino Portugues, September 2022. (Translated from German)

If you are thinking of walking the Camino de Santiago Frances, Portuguese, or Ingles, I highly recommend you work with Nicoletta.

She created a personalized and detailed itinerary for my Camino de Santiago Portuguese from Lisbon walk in April of 2022, and was „at my side“ during that month-long walk checking in and quickly responding the few times I got off track.

A joy to work with.

Peter, 70, USA, Camino Portuguese from Lisbon, April 2022

For years, I had dreamt of walking the Camino de Santiago. Nicoletta supported me in planning the journey, always attentive to my needs and desires.

Prior to embarking on my pilgrimage, I received a personalized pilgrim’s guide, which proved more beneficial than the standard guidebooks available on the market.

Nicoletta also accompanied me along the Camino. Whenever I encountered challenges finding accommodation or desired to change plans at short notice, she promptly offered her guidance.

I would readily seek Nicoletta’s advice again and would recommend her assistance without hesitation.

Sonja, 34, Switzerland, Camino Frances, May 2022. (Translated from German)

Embarking on this pilgrimage and having Nicoletta’s support was the best decision. It provided me with stability and security.

I discovered strengths within myself that I hadn’t known before.

Sabrina, 37, Germany, Camino Portugues, August 2023. (Translated from German)