What you get from me:

  • The planning of stages suited for you and the ones you travel with – here you will profit from my experiences and local knowledge
  • All necessary information about the checklist for packing and organisation (purchase/rental) of needed equipment that you still miss
  • A personal travel guide, to make sure you will always know what to expect
  • Suited recommendations of hotels in every price range, from cheap to luxurious, depending on how you want to spend your time
  • Qualified personnel, taking care of you during your vacation via messenger. No matter if you have questions, need the regional number for a taxi or spontaneously need to change plans. (the accessibility is not guaranteed).

What does individual travel planning cost?

I work according to the “Pay what you want" principle, which is still quite uncommon in Germany.

This means that after you have made your pilgrimage, you decide yourself what my service was worth to you.

In my opinion this is the fairest method of payment. You don't take the risk of paying a lot of money for inferior performance and I get to see that the world is not full of egoists.

Since I invest many hours of work and love in your pilgrimage holiday planning, I have to take a 50€ deposit to prevent fraud – but if you sum up after your trip that you were dissatisfied with my service, I will refund you immediately. I can offer you this in good conscience because I am convinced that it will not happen.

That's pretty fair, right?

What is included in planning a pilgrimage?

Stage planning/finding your destination

On the basis of your information given to me, I will plan the length of your Stages and with that the destinations suited for you. Considering how you would like to spend your evenings and sleeps (not every place has a suited Hotel) and how many days you’re staying i will plan daily Stages to accommodate everything. I know every kilometre of the route and every place to go to, therefore I will find the best options for you.

If you can’t hike the whole path timewise, I will endeavour to find the prettiest stages for you to take – and that you will get to the airport without a problem. If you wish, I will find suitable flight connections for you too.

The accommodations

I usually recommend cheap but clean and central hotels and guesthouses as I would choose them for myself. If more comfort is important to you, then I will find you more upscale accommodations to your liking. I recommend three hotels/pensions/private rooms per accommodation and mark the ones I think are the best. I have already tested many of the accommodations myself.

(You can find more about the hotels in the FAQ)

Your personal pilgrimage guide

Following that, I will create an overview and individual pilgrimage guide for you. You will be able to carry it with you on your smartphone, to always know what to expect the next day (or within the next kilometres) as well as booking an accommodation per link – no matter if at home on the computer or at lunch in Viana do Castello on your smartphone.

In your pilgrimage guide you will find a description of all the stages expecting you as well as how many entry possibilities there are and all the information about your arrival, departure and if necessary transport needed in between. This will always be as precise as possible. If the journey time and times of the ferry are set already they will be included in your travelling guide.

Further consultation in advance

I will gladly answer any questions you may have about your pilgrimage. I will also compile a checklist for packing and assist in choosing or organising your equipment if you do not yet have any hiking gear.

Your Contact person during your journey

You will receive my contact details for the messenger “Telegram”. Through this we will stay in contact during your journey and I will help you with all the unexpected and whenever you need help as well as I can.

You will find more about the digital on-location-advise in the FAQ’s.

Any questions?
Write to me at

Do you want your own pilgrimage vacation?

Perfect, then let’s go!

Just fill in this form for me so I have all the needed information to plan your own pilgrimage vacation. Subsequently I will get back to you and if there is not more questions to be answered we can start right away.

If you don’t like forms to fill in then there is always the opportunity of sending your information via e-mail.


  1. you fill out the form
  2. I answer you promptly and tell you if it is possible with “pay what you want" (almost always it is)
  3. you transfer or paypal the deposit to me
  4. I plan your stages and send you an overview.
  5. if it suits you, I will create your smartphone-compatible travel guide (100-250 pages, depending on the route), which contains all the important information and your accommodation recommendations
  6. I advise you on equipment and answer all other questions about pilgrimage
  7. you go on pilgrimage while I am digitally at your side
  8. after that you decide what you want to pay me for my advice and transfer or paypal it to me.
  9. (you have fallen so much in love with walking a camino that you already look in the calendar for the next appointment)