The Camino Finisterre (also called “Camino a Fisterra") leads from Santiago de Compostela to Finesterre to the KM 0.

The Camino Finisterre is the only official pilgrimage route that does not lead to Santiago de Compostela. Instead, it ends close to a town called Fisterra, where the kilometer stone with the official kilometer zero is located. 

The path is about 90km long and surprisingly empty – I thought it would be completely run over by people because it is not specific but a supplement to the pilgrim paths. And is you walked the Camino Frances before and have almost 800km behind you then you might as well take the ridiculous 90km to get to kilometre zero, right?

km 0 at Finisterre

By the way, Finesterre is the coast of Fisterra, which translated means “the end of the world”.

Why? Because a long time ago people thought the end of Europe would be the end of the world. And Fisterra was thought of as the end of Europe.

This is where every way of St. James “officially” ends, and where you find the kilometer 0.

I loved the Camino Fisterre, it only consists of three or four stages and you meet pilgrims from different ways of St James there.

You will not forget moment where you see the ocean for the first time!

By the way: Fisterra also is a very nice little town and if you have a couple of days left over, you might spend it at the end of the world.

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