or: rent a pilgrim

Yes, you saw right! I can also accompany you on your pilgrimage adventure.

That way you can profit from my knowledge of the locations as well as my talent for organisation.

Of course this is more effort than a digital guide…but it is possible!

Pilgern in Begleitung

Who needs a companion to make a pilgrimage?

Single people

A (knowledgeable) companion can be helpful for anyone who wants to go on a pilgrimage but don’t have anyone to accompany them and cannot go by themselves for various reasons.

For example, if everything seems to be much bigger and you don’t trust yourself in starting the hike by yourself. But you know that a pilgrimage would be really, really good for you.

Or you have to fight serious fears, suffer of panic attacks or depression and don’t trust yourself going into an adventure like this by yourself.

Or if you are travelling with a child or dog but do not have a suitable accompaniment to help you carry the push chair up the stairs or wait with you sausage dog Hubertus in front of the cafe whilst you are taking care of the call of nature.

A travel companion for groups on the way of St. James

Even if it is about getting a knowledgeable travel companion for groups I am the person for you. I will always be nearby and available for questions or i will be organising your onward transport for the ones who couldn’t do the whole stage in the end.

It doesn’t matter if the pilgrimage is an incentive-measure of a business or the bowling club “to the happy bowling ball” starts their trip and wants someone with them to advise them and knows the route: Whoever you are, I would happily accompany you on your journey.

Pilgern als Gruppe

Are you trained in any way? travel agent, psychologist or educator?

No, none of that. I am a programmer.

So if your website doesn’t get hacked during your pilgrimage vacation, my qualification is not of any help.

I am good at organising and improvising, have a bit of life experience, am good with crisis management, know my way with babies and my dog is living a good life too. I would also say I am a nice person in general.

That is all I have to offer you. And no, unfortunately I cannot speak Spanish but am working on it. At the moment I can’t do more than order a coffee or a beer, which can still be helpful! For a serious situation I do know people who can speak Spanish and are able to translate everything on the phone.

How much does it cost to book a travel companion with my trip?

Being your travel companion I unfortunately cannot follow the “pay what you want” principal.

Because the conditions could be very different here I cannot tell you a set price in advance. Send me an email with your issue and we will find a way to find to one another,

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. For one part I don’t always have time for it. I have a life and another job to do meaning; I can’t just leave anytime. If you are a little flexible I am sure we will find a period where we can both do it.

Secondly, it has to fit at least a little bit on a human base. If we don’t harmonise at all, we won’t have a good time. And for that mine and your lifetime is too precious to be wasted. So we will only start the trip if we both think it will work out.

Thirdly, i have to be confident in myself. From a certain degree of psychological or physical restriction I won’t be confident enough to help you out and am then not the right person for you.

And lastly – i have to specifically mention this: I will be your travel guide. We won’t share a room or bed. So if your intentions would lead in that direction then please do not even ask me and save all of us the trouble.

Everyone else who acquit from point number four: hit me up! Tell me why you want a travel companion with you and when you want to start your pilgrimage and I will be the woman for you! Soon we can start our Pilgrimage adventure together!

You can also always book my companionship for only the first week and continue your adventure alone, depending on what you want.