You know someone who dreams of making a pilgrimage but does not trust in doing it themselves?

A lot of people feel that way!

Sometimes it seems to be a big thing, too complicated, too far out of the comfort zone.

But it is such an enriching experience!

Therefore I offer gift vouchers for my performance/job. With this you can gift someone my help and knowledge so they don’t have to organise anything and i can take their fear of going on a big adventure by themselves because they will then have someone to talk to and only have to start wend their way.

What is included in the voucher?

Included is what everyone else would get, booking my skills: A stage planning, accustomed individually to the person with hotel recommendations, descriptions with many extra information in a PDF for on the way, as well as a qualified person taking care of their issues wherever they are via the messenger.

You can find more information here

Buying a Voucher

To buy a voucher, please send me an email to

The information I need for it is if you want to book my consultation for a “normal” pilgrim vacation or a special one, being over 21 days, with a child or dog, or as a group and if you want the voucher to be sent via email or post.

The voucher for the organisation of a normal trip costs 199€. For every other issue included i will tell you the price knowing the details about the trip.

You can make a payment in advance or pay via PayPal.