What “my” pilgrims have written to me...

(thanks to everyone who was kind enough to write something for my website!)

For years, I had dreamt of walking the Camino de Santiago. Nicoletta supported me in planning the journey, always attentive to my needs and desires.

Prior to embarking on my pilgrimage, I received a personalized pilgrim’s guide, which proved more beneficial than the standard guidebooks available on the market.

Nicoletta also accompanied me along the Camino. Whenever I encountered challenges finding accommodation or desired to change plans at short notice, she promptly offered her guidance.

I would readily seek Nicoletta’s advice again and would recommend her assistance without hesitation.

Sonja, 34, Switzerland, Camino Frances, May 2022. (Translated from German)

Embarking on this pilgrimage and having Nicoletta’s support was the best decision. It provided me with stability and security.

I discovered strengths within myself that I hadn’t known before.

Sabrina, 37, Germany, Camino Portugues, August 2023. (Translated from German)

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I met Nicoletta while on the Camino de Santiago Frances trail back in 2021. She is so pleasant to talk to and when I found out that she coordinated walks for people, I hired her immediately; because I was impressed that her expertise of the Camino had come from walking the trails herself. She communicated with me by text everyday about available albuergues/hotels ahead of me. That took so much of the anxiety away that I was able to enjoy the walk more!

When I went again two years later, which included the Camino Portuguese, I hired her again. Whether you need a lot help or just a little bit of help, getting it from someone who has actually walked the trail (many times) makes the most sense to me. Her Pilgrim guides are a valuable resource. If I try the Camino again, you can be sure I will hire Nicoletta again!

Keith, 64, United States, Camino Frances 2021 and Camino Portuges 2023

Your planning and organization enabled me to have an unforgettable and wonderful 5.5 weeks on the Camino de Santiago.

I wanted to share that since then, I’ve undergone a personal transformation sparked by the Camino. It allowed me to explore and understand my life path more deeply.

Once again, I want to express my deep appreciation for your help and support during my journey on the Camino de Santiago. I am truly grateful to you and will cherish the memories of this journey in my heart always.

Sylvia, 29, Germany. Camino Frances, March 2022. Excerpt from E-Mail. (Translated from German)

For the first time in my life, I was traveling alone, and I wouldn’t have dared to embark on this adventure without Nicoletta. From the very beginning, she was always there for me, assisting with preparations, optimizing my packing list, and crafting a travel plan tailored to my wishes and capabilities. Knowing she was always by my side gave me a great sense of security.

Meeting many wonderful people along the way, I also gained deeper insights into myself. The experience of traveling alone was fantastic! Thank you once again, Nicoletta!

Steffi, 55, Germany. Camino Portugues, September 2022. (Translated from German)

If you are thinking of walking the Camino de Santiago Frances, Portuguese, or Ingles, I highly recommend you work with Nicoletta.

She created a personalized and detailed itinerary for my Camino de Santiago Portuguese from Lisbon walk in April of 2022, and was „at my side“ during that month-long walk checking in and quickly responding the few times I got off track.
A joy to work with.

Peter, 70, USA, Camino Portuguese from Lisbon, April 2022

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Thanks to Nicoletta, I felt safer and more comfortable on my Camino Portugués. I knew I could always rely on her for help and advice, which brought me peace of mind and a great sense of security. Once again, thank you for your support; you were a great help to me on my Camino de Santiago.

Andrea, 53, Germany, Camino Portugues, April 2024. (Translated from German)